Write My Paper for Me — Service Guarantees

“If I let you write my paper, what should I expect?”

ManualEssay is one of the top legit academic writing services out there. Of course, we have a whole line-up of guarantees we provide you with!

Moreover, we don’t just promise things. We deliver on them and keep true to our words. Our track record of 5 successful years of work backed up by numerous positive reviews easily prove it.

So, here are 4 main service guarantees you’ll get:

Before you say, “Write my paper right now!” let’s dive into these guarantees a bit deeper. We’ll discuss what they encompass and what level of service you should expect.

How Our Company Operates

“Who’ll write my paper?” The core of our platform — our team of writers.

The agency has employed over 1,200 academic experts to help hundreds of students. Seeing as how they will be working on your tasks, we thought you’d want to learn more about them.

The application process for our candidates is incredibly rigid and demanding.

Here are the requirements for them:

If a candidate satisfies all the requirements, we consider them further.

However, before that happens, we investigate their background thoroughly. We check whether their national IDs and diplomas are real. Then, the candidates have to undergo difficult tests that estimate their professional knowledge and English proficiency.

Only those who satisfy the requirements, pass checks and tests can join the platform and write papers. However, they aren’t the only ones who help you do tasks.

There are also 2 other teams of professionals:


“What happens after you write my paper?”

It goes to our QA team. It’s a group of specialists specifically trained to check the quality of the written papers. If anything is wrong with it, it goes back straight to the expert for improvement.

Customer Support

“How do I get you to write my paper?” That’s extremely easy. Contact our customer support team, and they’ll help you with order placement. You can communicate with them in 3 different ways — phone, email, or webchat.

How Do We Protect You? — Simply, But Effectively

When our clients tell us, “Write my paper for me!” we know how much they’re trusting us.

They’re giving us their personal data and banking data. We understand how dangerous it can be to do homework online.

It is why we’ve implemented 3 separate instruments to ensure your utmost security when you let us write your papers. When you’re choosing us, you can be confident that no malicious third party will access your data.

Here’s what we did:

Integrated a Modern Web Security Protocol

First and foremost, your connection to our servers is secure, thanks to the implemented protocol. It safeguards your connection to our servers, making it impenetrable. So, no one will track and break into to learn you want us to write your papers.

Established Strict Confidentiality Policies

When you say to us, “I want you to write a paper for me,” you have to disclose your personality. But that doesn’t mean that anyone inside the platform can just look you up. We’ve made it so that the absolute minimum number of people get to see personal data.

Collaborate Only With Trusted Payment Companies

To process customer payments, we decided to entrust the duty to international and trusted companies. They have extremely secure features that protect your banking details and money. So, there’s no need to worry when you buy an essay and our help and having us write the papers.

Paper-Specific Assurances

“Can you write my essay for me cheap?” Of course, we can!

Our pricing scheme is extremely accessible. We’ve created it with one thing in mind, empowering students to use our essay writing service.

Not only that, but there are 3 aspects to your ordered assignment from us:

Complete Instruction Adherence

The experts follow your instructions to a T: no ifs or buts. They may make suggestions on how to write certain parts of the paper better, but your word is final. You decide how the paper will look in the end. So, you should make the instructions as clear and detailed as possible.

Free Revision Period

Instead of a limited number of free revisions, like on WriteMyPaper4Me, we offer periods of free revisions. Within a 14-to-30-day period, you can ask for as many revisions as your task needs. It ensures that you’ll get what you wanted from the start.

No Plagiarism

We’re incredibly strict about plagiarism because we know what consequences follow after a student gets caught plagiarizing works. It’s a straight road to being expelled.

For this reason, we have strict regulations on plagiarism for experts. Anyone who tries plagiarizing is fired. Also, the QA team checks each assignment with special software to ensure no matches.

We’re an Outstanding Custom Paper Writing Service

If you’re still doubting, “Should I let you write a paper for me?” we know how to clear the doubt up.

Just consider the following service aspects. They put us miles ahead of other academic assistance agencies:

Any Task Is Doable

No matter what the professor has given you as an assignment. Our vast expert base can write it. We have specialists from over 40 major disciplines. It means no academic task is something we can’t overcome.

Always on Time

Although you can ask us, “Write my paper for me cheap!” it doesn’t impact service quality anyhow. You might be surprised considering our low prices, but we always deliver every task on time. We haven’t disappointed thousands of students before and won’t fail you, too.

Don’t Be Afraid and Don’t Waste Time Getting Our Papers Cheap

Now that you’ve seen all our service guarantees, there can be no debate on which platform is better. It’s simple — we offer the biggest service package and the most generous guarantees.

So, fill out the order form and experience our amazing service by having us write college papers!