Top Topics for a Narrative Essay


Looking for personal narrative ideas? Not a problem! We can easily assist you in picking out a topic and get started on it!

Every narrative essay is unique because it relies so much on taking a story from your life. The way you come up with the text and display your notions in a dissertation — that’s distinctly you!

Due to this fact, you shouldn’t worry about your classmates picking the same narrative topic for the essay. Because you’ll be talking about the aspects unique to your life, there’s no way for the teacher to consider plagiarism.

All you have to do is pick a narrative topic for the essay and write it! Easy as pie.

What Exactly Are Narrative Essays?

Before discussing personal narrative ideas, we must ensure that you know what a good narrative essay is. Obviously, you can’t pick out a great topic for yourself to expand upon without knowing this information.

Narrative essays are all about telling a story. They show your ability to tell a compelling, well-structured story that doesn’t concentrate on unnecessary detail. This point is easy to see resembled in the topics below.

You have to distinguish narrative essays from the other types. It is a must in the other ones that you’re extremely logical and consistent in your writing.

When it comes to writing on a narrative essay topic, you have a lot of creative freedom. You don’t have to build any thought-out arguments, just think about the introduction, middle part, and ending.

How to Choose and Develop a Narrative Topic Idea?

Now, we can move onto personal narrative topics.

Wait, you don’t know how to pick a narrative topic and expend it into an essay?

Just follow these steps, you won’t have any problems completing the assignment:

Read Through All of Our Topics for Narrative Essays

No need to think hard at this stage or worry about how you will finish the narrative essay. Simply go through the topics one by one.

Pick the One You Connect With

Having read all the topics for narrative essays, recall which one inspires you the most. Gives you the most material to work with. Pick that one to streamline the writing stage (you can even modify the topic a bit to better suit you).

Sketch the Narrative Essay Topic Out

This is the point you open the document and organize all your ideas. Put them into a structured and logical sequence, removing anything that does not fit.

Brainstorm for a Little

Write out all the ideas that the narrative essay topic gave you. Try to include all the small narration insights. As you’re composing, you want to edit down, not think up new ideas.

Sketch Out the Paragraphs

Now, we recommend you to develop an approximate paragraph structure based on the narrative essay topic. For each paragraph, come up with a simple sentence. It will be the base for the whole paragraph in the end.

Finish Your Narrative Essay Up

The last thing to do is to turn the paragraph ideas into full paragraphs. Don’t be afraid to mix up your notions and shuffle them around, if required.

Narrative Topic Ideas for Essays

Finally, the narrative essay topics you’ve been waiting for! We’ve categorized them to simplify the search for the essay topic for you!

Narrative Topics for Essays about Personal Life

The following narrative essay ideas are personal, too. But the topics are much more comfortable to discuss.

If you have an exciting story related to any of the essay topics below, definitely examine it.

  • The most significant schoolteacher for you.
  • A dangerous occasion that you needed to deal with.
  • A humorous occurrence from your everyday routine.
  • A heartwarming portrayal of your upbringing.
  • Your journey to a new country.
  • A peculiar incident as you were a school student.
  • An account of you lost your best buddy’s trust and friendship.
  • How you challenged yourself and didn’t give up when learning a new skill.
  • An awkward or uncomfortable case that you created.
  • A description of your club activity, be it chess, programming, hockey, etc.
  • A detailed story of you participating in a big gathering, like a musical performance.
  • Your involvement in assisting others in an emergency.
  • The occasion when you learned some private information and couldn’t reveal it.
  • The relative you have the closest spiritual connection with.
  • Discuss what activity has encouraged you the most recently.
  • The period you were feeling abandoned and alienated from everybody.
  • How your actions protected someone’s health or even life from real danger.
  • The troubles you had cooking initially for yourself.

Significant Occurrences From Your Life

These essay topics are deeply private, but they usually provoke incredibly reach writing material. If you’re ready to open up about your feelings, these essay topics are for you.

  • True friendship is found when things are tough. How are you a true friend to someone else?
  • Stepping up when it matters is hard. Deliberate on the times you had to be brave.
  • Big personal discoveries change people completely. Discuss your own discoveries.
  • Human errors are common and plentiful. Contemplate how you deal with failures.
  • Becoming an adult can be very stressful. Talk about how you’re maturing.

Narrative Topics for Essays Related to Culture

The ideas for narrative essays that you see below are all about how culture affects you. If you love philosophizing, then the essay topics below are for you.

  • Your involvement with the meme culture.
  • How online networks changed popular culture.
  • Interesting rituals or habits that you and your relatives do.
  • A common tradition that astonished you.
  • The most significant celebration to you.
  • How the cultures from other countries influenced you.
  • How you recognized that sticking to traditions is essential/not needed.
  • The case when you grasped that culture advances quickly and adapts readily.
  • How your culture defines your social image.

Top 40 Picks for General Narrative Topics for Essays

These topics for narrative essays are the best picks and quite general.

  • The best holiday season retreat with your relatives.
  • A journey that you will always remember.
  • The unexpected friendships that you made.
  • How it is to go to a new school.
  • Discuss your biggest fears or even phobias of the past.
  • The most memories-rich Christmas season you had.
  • The greatest birthday celebration in your life.
  • A life-altering realization you recently had.
  • The instance of receiving assistance from an unexpected place and person.
  • A tragedy that occurred and what developments it caused in your life.
  • Retell the period you got your very first pet.
  • How you and your best pal met and built the friendship.
  • An unfortunate account of how you lost an important object.
  • Talk about how you began your adult life with a job.
  • Describe how you dealt with the consequences of a cataclysm.
  • When the principal called you and your parents to their office.
  • A fascinating account from when you participated in educational camps.
  • How you were learning to ride a bike and mastering it.
  • The depressive emotions and the way you deal with them.
  • The instance where you had a big falling out with someone close.
  • A situation in which others discriminated against you and you were mistreated.
  • Your first tries at skateboarding.
  • Assisting somebody completely unfamiliar to you.
  • An occasion in which you seriously reconsidered your religious beliefs.
  • When you regretted your prejudice against someone.
  • An incident that altered the way you behave.
  • A detailed description of the greatest gift you’ve ever received.
  • The instance you were physically damaged.
  • Your initial practices as a car driver.
  • The circumstances in which there was no option but to end a relationship.
  • The common things in giving a beginning to relationships.
  • Staying at an airport overnight.
  • A story of interacting with an unfamiliar person.
  • An engaging incident from all your trips.
  • Your largest misdoing and the punishment that was instated.
  • Standing up to a bully to protect a classmate.
  • How you showed your guardians that you are not a child anymore.
  • The worst birthday gift that was handed to you.
  • Ways you combat laziness.
  • The most incredible outing ever.

Peculiar Narrative Topics for Essays

Just want narrative paragraph topics, which will let you talk about something unusual? The narrative topics will be useful then.

  • How you failed a whole course.
  • When you won a giveaway.
  • A thing you needed to do on a dare.
  • Your ideal day where no one is bothering you.
  • An incident of damaging someone else’s property.
  • An occasion in which the authorities were called on you.

Narrative Topics for Essays to Prove a Point

Feel like at some point you weren’t fully understood? Well, prove your point with the narrative topics below.

  • The instance of disagreeing with everyone.
  • A case when you were blamed for something you did not do.
  • The loudest quarrel with your guardians.
  • Why your guardians are wrong to pressure you on your decisions.
  • When you needed to leave a conversation because it led nowhere.
  • Classes you believe were useless.
  • The nastiest customer facilities you received.
  • A disagreement you and your friend triumphed over.

Don’t Stress Out!

Feeling like picking a narrative topic and writing an essay is too much for you?

No need to worry. You can easily delegate the task to a professional. We have thousands of writing experts at our agency. They’re eager to assist you!

Get started now on your narrative essay topic!

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