Top 100 Persuasive Speech Topics for College


In choosing persuasive speech topics for college and writing, the aim is usually to convince an audience of something.

In persuasive speech writing, the interests, values, cultures, backgrounds, and knowledge of the audience all play a major role in content creation and delivery. This is one reason why college students prefer other dissertation types.

Having great topics is the first major step to overcoming any such essay. Since these essays are usually written both based on opinion and facts, the student must obtain persuasive speech topics that interest them and can also be researched. This can be done by considering one’s college major, career goals, hobbies, passions, etc.

Over 80 persuasive speech topics for college students that are multidisciplinary and worthy of a 1st class have been provided in this article.

These college persuasive speech topics have been deliberately narrowed down to make them researchable. Read on to find out what these interesting college persuasive speech topics are.

Persuasive Speech Topics on Healthcare

We provide persuasive essay topics college on healthcare that are current and contemporary. These not only touch on issues affecting Americans but also global health and policy issues.

  • The Affordable Care Act too costly for the government to maintain.
  • Healthcare in the US should be universalized.
  • Everyone should be mandated to donate blood.
  • Chinese traditional medicines should be FDA approved.
  • Failing mental health should be legal grounds for divorce.
  • Doctors should be able to choose which patients they want to work with.
  • Integrating mentally challenged students with normal students improves their performance.
  • Drug testing on animals is inhumane.
  • Vaccination certificates shouldn’t be mandatory for the resumption of classes during the pandemic.
  • Eliminating state lines for insurers make healthcare costs more competitive.
  • Doctors have no right to reject certain patients.
  • Insurers should not reject coverage of certain pre-existing conditions.
  • Pets should be allowed in schools for children battling mental or emotional issues.
  • The US has the worst healthcare system among all developed countries.

Keeping your college persuasive speech topics narrow and researchable will help you make great headway into your work.

College-Level Economics Persuasive Speech Topics

Below are persuasive speech topics for college students in economics that are researchable and on which you can find multiple sources.

  • Providing $2000 in stimulus cheques will cause massive inflation.
  • Increased tariffs on Chinese goods has contracted the US economy.
  • The current tech bubble will burst in 2021.
  • The United Kingdom will be much more successful economically independent from Europe.
  • The US should be held responsible for the dwindling economies of countries such as Zimbabwe, Libya, and North Korea.
  • US job losses will increase in January and February.
  • Spending on residential construction will exceed that on commercial construction in 2021.
  • Driverless trucks will cause big redundancies in the North American jobs market.
  • Social media companies should be mandated to fund a kitty for families affected by social media bullying.
  • It is time for a one-world currency.
  • Pulling out of NAFTA was a great step to reduce the trade imbalance with Mexico and Canada.
  • The latest terms agreed by the UK government on BREXIT are unfavorable to British workers.
  • Strikes reduce economic growth.

As you can see, these college persuasive speech topics cover contemporary and relevant issues affecting global business, economic issues, and finance.

Law Persuasive Speech Topics for College

Here are 10+ persuasive speech topics college covering the area of Law. You can refine these speech topics to fit your college course requirements.

  • The Federal Government’s anti-trust case against Facebook and Google will fail.
  • Merrick Garland is not a good pick for attorney general.
  • The 2nd amendment touches on civil liberties but not event control.
  • Gun laws should be made more restrictive.
  • Should select cases of prosecution of children be allowed?
  • Should the US be allowed to request for extradition where its citizens cannot be extradited?
  • Planned Parenthood should not be allowed to resell fetuses to medical researchers without the consent of patients.
  • Amazon should be forced to increase minimum wages.
  • The president has a right to influence the AG’s decisions since (s)he is a political appointee.
  • State abortion laws should precede Roe. V. Wade.
  • The president shouldn’t be prosecuted for acts committed in office in the interest of the country.
  • States should secede if they hold a majority of opposing views to the constitution.
  • The US constitution has become outdated and should be overhauled.

Persuasive Speech Topics Covering Unique Social Issues

Other persuasive speech topics fall in a “grey” subject area. Your college lecturer may assign such topics to gauge your understanding of current events.

  • Employers should not demand applicants to have LinkedIn profiles.
  • Convicted felons should not be allowed early release due to health issues.
  • Taking a social security number should be optional.
  • The government should be forced to pay reparations to descendants of slaves who were killed.
  • ANTIFA should be classified as a terrorist organization.
  • Government surveillance is a necessary evil.
  • The Black Lives Matter movement has been politicized and weaponized by Democrats.
  • The quality of life over the last decade has depreciated.
  • Elizabeth Holmes should be forced to pay much more than $500,000 in damages.
  • Social media accounts should have double authentication to prevent misuse by underage children.
  • The age of sexual consent should be increased to 21.
  • The world will see extraterrestrial life before the rise of humanoid AI.

10+ Environmental Persuasive Speech Topics

Below we provide college persuasive speech topics in this area that are specific and quite narrow.

  • Fracking should completely be banned.
  • Greta Thunberg is a proxy for special interest groups.
  • Countries should be forced to pay dollar sums for environmental damage into a global kitty.
  • Climate change is not a real thing.
  • The Earth is far from being overpopulated.
  • Every citizen should be mandated to plant at least one tree every year.
  • Politicians should be vetted based on their voting records on environmental policies.
  • Renewable energy is too expensive to be a replacement for fossil fuels.
  • Environmental awareness should be mandatory modules every semester.
  • There should be a worldwide ban on all plastics.
  • Big game hunting should be completely banned.
  • Big game hunting reduces environmental pressure from the overpopulation of animal species.

These college persuasive speech topics should be a great starting point for your journey to success.

10+ Persuasive Speech Topics on Education

Education affects everyone in one way or the other. Make your selection from the insightful persuasive speech topics for college provided below.

  • Wikipedia should be allowed as a source for academic essays.
  • Gap years are an important part of a student’s growth.
  • Phones and laptops should not be allowed in classrooms.
  • Single-sex schools promote better morals in students.
  • Schools that wear uniforms are more harmonious than non-uniformed schools.
  • Homework isn’t a good way to promote learning.
  • Cell phones should be banned from classrooms.
  • All IQ tests should be standardized.
  • College cafeterias should only be allowed to serve proven healthy foods.
  • Homeschooling leads to lower emotional intelligence in children.
  • Transgender folks should have separate ablution facilities in schools and other public institutions.
  • Too much education leads to a low emotional IQ.

Get ready to impress your teacher with any selection from this list of college persuasive speech topics.

Political Speech Topics Covering Current Affairs

With the just concluded (and controversial) US election, this is your chance to make a real impression on your college instructor. Start with the college persuasive speech topics below.

  • The US should allow for referendums to vote on controversial issues such as gun laws.
  • The US should withdraw support for Israel for bombarding the West Bank.
  • Filibustering should not be allowed in the senate or congress through an appointed ombudsman.
  • The US government should ban assault weapons.
  • The president should have the right to demand a vote recount.
  • The UN is a worthless organization.
  • US policy of strategic partners over international friendships has backfired in Europe.
  • World War 3 is inevitable in less than 5 years.
  • Donald Trump committed a crime by requesting a vote recount in Georgia.
  • All presidential candidates should be required to have a record of public service.

Controversial Speech Topic Suggestions

College persuasive speech topics that are controversial and unexpected are always a great way to make an extra impression. Start with the list below.

  • The death penalty should only be allowed where a jury reaches a unanimous decision.
  • The government is covering up knowledge of Area 51.
  • The government has been covering up the existence of extraterrestrial beings.
  • The US elections have not been free and fair.
  • NASA is hiding the existence of a second “Sun”.
  • The death penalty breaches moral laws.
  • Teachers should enforce capital punishment in the case of physical bullying.
  • Artificial intelligence poses a danger when it surpasses human intelligence.
  • Voting should be mandatory.
  • Money does buy happiness.
  • College isn’t necessary for success.

There are plenty more controversial persuasive college speech topics more where those came from. Check out our blog for essay samples and other writing ideas for college papers.

Plenty of Topics Presented, So What’s Next?

Finding relevant persuasive speech topics for college is difficult but not impossible. We’ve provided dozens of researchable college persuasive speech topics above. With these, you will be in pole position to write an excellent persuasive college essay.

We also offer expert college writing help in this and other genres of writing. You can always rely on our experts to provide the best writing help whenever you need them.

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