Top 100 Argumentative Essay Topics for You!


Coming up with the best argumentative essay topics is the first step towards writing an excellent piece. It is the first thing the professor looks at when assessing an essay. Moreover, the selection of a nice topic makes your work easy. A perfect argumentative topic motivates you to work on the dissertation.

Argumentative essay topics differ according to the subject, and professors might find it easy to approve one and reject another. Therefore, you should be cautious about what you select. Always ensure that your topics are interesting, engaging, relevant, and manageable.

Comprehensive Lists of Good Topics for Argumentative Papers

For most students, picking appropriate argumentative essay topics is a daunting task. It may be because they do not have adequate experience in this area. Others do not understand the trending issues in their areas of specialization.

What is the best approach for picking argumentative topics?

Take time and brainstorm as you come up with topics that suit the course. Additionally, you can get ideas for topics by reading content in your college library and inquiring from groupmates.

Nonetheless, we have prepared excellent lists for argumentative topics that will help you craft a winning essay. Take a look at the lists!

Society Argumentative Essay and Research Writing Topics

People face different issues in society. However, the argumentative essay should narrow down to a specific aspect.

What are some argumentative essay topics you can discuss in this area? Here are a few:

  • Reintroduction of death sentence in areas where it was banned
  • Effective methods of curbing tobacco smoking in the world
  • Factors that lead people to smoke
  • Why schools should encourage healthy competition among students
  • Religion and its contribution to the conflicts that are experienced in the world today
  • Factors that influence the global fashion trends
  • Methods that can be used to drive the feminist agenda more effectively
  • Democracy and how it influences economic development
  • Society has become overregulated
  • The most effective punishments to help in curbing the ever-increasing incidences of cyber-bullying

Technology College Argumentative Research Paper and Essay Topics

Advancement in technology has transformed the way people live. Hence, an argumentative technology paper should be one of the exciting assignments to write.

Check these unique argument essay topics to discuss in this area:

  • Preventing overdependence on computers in production processes
  • People prefer online to face-to-face dating today
  • Social media and its influence on human interactions
  • Development of artificial intelligence and its effects on modern life
  • The dangers of overusing mobile phones
  • The Internet and why it is not good for humanity
  • Internet content and how to regulate what children can access on websites
  • People should use electronic money instead of paper money
  • Technology is making people lazy
  • Technological development and its influence on human creativity

Hot Topics for a Morality Argumentative Essay

In some cases, society is at moral crossroads. It offers ideas for fantastic argument essay topics.

Examples of what to discuss in your argumentative essay include:

  • Contribution of the Internet to moral decadence
  • Computer games and their influence on teenage moral behavior
  • Prisons shouldn’t use torture as a form of correction
  • It is moral to kill someone who contributes towards the murder of another
  • Factors that drive married partners to cheat
  • Arguments against the death sentence in different jurisdictions
  • Dealing with Internet addiction among modern teenagers
  • Pros and cons of online dating
  • The contribution of religion in moral development
  • Religious organizations should pay taxes on their incomes

Unique Topics for Argumentative Essay on Education

No society can ignore education in the modern world. You have several argument essay topics to write in this area.

Some include:

  • The use of school uniforms in the educational sector
  • The effects of physical exercise on student’ academic performance
  • Using standardized tests to measures students’ abilities
  • Sex education and its effects on the behavior of school-going children
  • Housekeeping should be a compulsory unit in modern colleges
  • Putting tracking devices in students’ identity cards
  • Using homework to assess the understanding of college students
  • Students should be guided when choosing careers
  • Students should be discouraged from drug and substance abuse at an early age
  • The frequency of parent-teacher conferences should be increased

Attention-Catching Topics for Family Argumentative Essay

You cannot dissociate family from society. However, your dissertation should not be on a broad subject. The excellent topics for argumentative essay include:

  • The best methods of raising teenagers to be law-abiding citizens
  • Children should take the responsibility of taking care of their elderly parents
  • Effective methods of ensuring children are well-taken care of after a divorce
  • Handling gender roles in stable marriages
  • Doing sports together as family members
  • Checking the diaries of their children without their consent
  • Enlightening children about romantic relationships at an early age
  • The appropriate age to introduce children to technological gadgets
  • Educating children on the negative effects of plastic surgery
  • Distributing chores in the family

Easy-to-Tackle Topics for Health Argumentative Essay

Your health determines your development.

Do you need topics for argumentative essay? Here are a few you can consider:

  • Circumstances under which assisted suicide should be made legal
  • The top health implications of using birth control pills
  • The most effective methods of using dietary supplements
  • Donating blood should remain voluntary
  • Top health reasons for people to reduce their consumption of red meat
  • Breakfast is an essential meal
  • Fast food restaurants should limit the amount of food sold to each customer
  • The top disadvantages of human cloning
  • Wealthier families have better health
  • The top effects of obesity on teenagers’ mental and physical health

Topics for Movie, Art, and Literature Argumentative Essay

Movie and art are developing at a fast rate in this century. Hence, a nice argumentative piece should be about current developments or trends.

Here are a few examples of nice topics:

  • Learning institutes should use electronic textbooks instead of the physical ones
  • Depiction of gender roles in modern movies
  • Art is still relevant in education
  • Paintings that depict nudity should always be censored. Why not?
  • The effects of playing different roles on an actor’s psychological well-being
  • Watching shows on television is not a waste of time
  • Kids should not draw horror art
  • How to use graffiti to pass important messages to society
  • Best duration for a motion picture
  • Films are better than paintings

Remarkable Topics for Psychology Argumentative Essay

People are always facing psychological issues. However, you should avoid cliché topics to make your essay stand out.

Here are some attention-grabbing easy argument essay topics for your psychology paper.

  • Music and its effect on an individual’s psychological well-being
  • Music influences behavioral patterns in teenagers
  • The Internet is making people smatter
  • Gender stereotypes and how they affect psychological development in society
  • Kids should be taught how to take care of their moral responsibilities
  • Parents should monitor what their kids are doing online
  • The best way of taking care of post-traumatic stress syndrome in children
  • Childhood experiences that can have adverse effects in adulthood
  • Going to the grocery store while hungry increases spending
  • Video games and their effects on psychological development among American children

Topics for a Stunning Law Argumentative Essay

You should not struggle with selecting law topics. The list below gives you the options of topics to consider for an immaculate argumentative paper.

  • Increase in sex work and why the government should legalize it
  • The death penalty and why some countries are lobbying for its reintroduction
  • People who are convicted of serious offenses should give up their voting rights
  • The pros and cons of automating the voter registration process
  • The best approach for improving the firearm ownership laws in America
  • Circumstances that should warrant the prosecution of a minor like an adult
  • Best ways of ensuring that citizenship laws are non-discriminatory
  • Random employee drug testing infringes their privacy rights
  • Prisoners should be granted the right to vote
  • The consent age should be increased

Excellent History Argumentative Essay and Discussion Topics

History is a broad subject, and thus it offers a broad range of essay topics. Hence, for the argumentative piece to stand out, you should pick topics that will motivate the audience.

Here are the top argumentative subject matters to consider:

  • Martin Luther King is a hero for all
  • Colonization and how it benefitted the affected countries
  • Abraham Lincoln is a pillar in many Americans’ history
  • Civil War and the factors that fueled it
  • The cotton gin and its positive effects on agricultural development in America
  • Women were important pillars during the Second World War
  • The history of the development of computers and how it has changed in the 20th and 21st centuries
  • The Second World War and Cold War could have been stopped before taking place
  • Gender equality and its influence on America’s history
  • Emergence and development of social media

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