Tips on Gun Control Essay Writing


A gun control essay is a favorite of teachers everywhere. Among the most highly polarizing issues in American politics and society are gun control and gun violence. The issue cuts across the social, economic, political, and moral fabrics of society.

Strong debates abound both for and against gun control. Constitutional interpretation of the issue is quite vague, and the various laws put in place by states seem ineffective in curbing gun violence.

Gun violence is an important issue faced by students in communities everywhere. You may be required to write various types of essays related to gun control, for example:

  • Comparing-&-contrasting gun control in the US versus other developed countries in your dissertation.
  • An informative essay, for example, the influence of the gun-lobby in policymaking.
  • The social and economic cost of gun violence. This is argumentative essay writing.
  • A definition essay, for example, the interpretation of the term “state militia.”
  • An informative essay, for example, Justice Antonin Scalia’s opinion on gun control.

Depending on the assignment rubric, other tasks may be required of you. The key to acing any category of the essay under the topic of gun control is to have a keen understanding of the 2nd Amendment. This includes the intent of the framers of this constitutional clause and the effectiveness of its implementation.

Any gun control essay should be free from personal bias and seek to present proven statistics and facts. There are numerous resources on the topic of gun control, and you should include as many citations as possible relevant to your chosen position. Lastly, your essay should be concise and to-the-point.

What Does Gun Control Refer To?

Gun control refers to any measure intended to regulate, restrict, or prevent the use of guns, particularly firearms. The premise of gun control is the 2nd Amendment that provides for liberties to own and bear arms. The point of contention in the 2nd Amendment comes from the preamble, which suggests that bearing arms is tied to enlisting in state militias as opposed to individual freedoms.

A major issue in the gun control debate is that of the relevance of the 2nd Amendment. The changing nature of criminal intent, crime types, weapons types, and other variables in the debate should all be reflected in your essay.

The Relevance of the 2nd Amendment

Any gun control essay should address the 2nd Amendment as a key facet of the gun debate. The interpretation of the 2nd Amendment by the Supreme Court and lower circuit courts has been vague at best.

One major clause in this pertains to regulated state militias being an essential part of the security apparatus of states. At the same time, it can be inferred from the 2nd Amendment that the individual right to bear arms should be protected at all costs.

Your gun control essay should address the issue of the relevance of the 2nd Amendment, bearing in mind the huge economic and social cost of gun violence.

Did the framers of the constitution anticipate issues such as different weaponry classes, the legal age of carrying, and the mental state of the gun holder?

In other words, is the 2nd Amendment written almost two centuries ago still relevant today?

Need Insightful Essay Topics or Title on Gun Control? 30+ Topics for Your Success!

Getting a stellar result on your gun control paper starts by knowing what to write about, and in this case, there’s a lot.

In this section, we’ve provided dozens of topics or titles for you to consider for your essay:

  1. Could banning AR-15s and other semi-automatic rifles reduce instances of mass gun violence?
  2. Are the rights of individual states to control firearms curtailed by the constitution?
  3. Does the illegality of firearm transport across state lines infringe upon the 2nd Amendment?
  4. What is your inference of the relevance of state militia to the 2nd Amendment?
  5. How has the evolution of guns since the drafting of the 2nd Amendment been addressed by US courts?
  6. Does the mandatory keeping of guns locked and unloaded infringe upon the 2nd Amendment?
  7. How are issues of weapons concealment and criminal persons or people with mental disorders carrying weapons addressed in the constitution?
  8. How does the 2nd Amendment address the issue of different classes of weaponry?
  9. Does the constitution protect the rights of an individual to bear arms independent of enlisting in a militia?
  10. How did the framers’ fear of an oppressive government influence the framing of the 2nd Amendment?
  11. How can the gun lobby argue against the fact that tougher laws lead to lower fatalities in states?
  12. Elaborate on the potential economic cost of gun violence.
  13. How can schools better implement policies to better protect lives against gun violence?
  14. Explain why weapons control is such a profound social issue in the US.
  15. How have high-profile cases of gun violence such as the shooting of Martin Luther and John F. Kennedy influenced new policies on firearms?
  16. Switzerland has the highest proportion of privately owned firearms among developed countries with some of the lowest rates of gun violence; account for this.
  17. Guns are viewed as a preeminent part of American society and culture; how has this affected the debate?
  18. Provide an account of gun legislation in the US, starting with the Jim Crow era.
  19. Account for weapons ownership among urban and rural Americans.
  20. Deliberate on the firearm as an American symbol or icon.
  21. How do race, class, and gender affect firearm ownership?
  22. A gun isn’t dangerous, the weapon holder is. Debate this statement.
  23. Can it be argued that gun control laws don’t work, judging by cases in the states of New York and Washington?
  24. If firearm control laws don’t reduce violence, what other public policy measures can be put in place to protect human lives?
  25. Does forced mental assessment for every potential weapon owner infringe on constitutional rights?
  26. How does increasing the legal age of ownership to 21 potentially reduce incidences of gun violence?
  27. Why is the issue of gun control more controversial in the US than in every other country?
  28. Account for firearms-related deaths in the state of Alaska.
  29. Describe the legal precedent of the Gun Control Act of 1968.
  30. Account for gun-related deaths in the states of Chicago and California.
  31. Compare the views of the NRA and Gun Owners Association.

These gun control essay titles and topics should be sufficient to provide a massive head start for this important assignment.

Steps in Outlining Your Work

The quality of the arguments and facts presented in your essay matter more than the quantity. Before beginning your writing, always ensure to have an outline of all your key points first. The outline should include the various sections of your essay — from the title, the introduction, body paragraph with evidence and facts, and a solid conclusion.

Before creating an outline, you should have settled on a topic or essay title. You can then gather information from various sources, for example, constitutional articles and past court rulings. Keep in mind that all your sources should be referenced and all a bibliographical list presented.

For a gun control argumentative essay, the outline should include arguments both for and against the primary thesis. Since this is a practical issue, always make sure to include real-life sources and evidence.

Gun Control Essay Top Writing Tips

A gun control argumentative essay is harder to write than an informative or compare-&-contrast gun control essay. It is almost impossible to avoid some personal bias when writing such essays.

However, any opinion presented should always be backed up by hard facts. Presenting data from various states/jurisdictions and taking into account the points of various factors, especially on issues of constitutional interpretation, is key to acing such an essay.

Your gun control essay introduction is likely the most important part of your essay. It summarizes (through the thesis) your opinion(s) and approach to tackling the issue at hand. Start this section with a vital statistic or fact, such as the number of teen deaths per 1000 in states leading to gun violence. This will hook your reader and incentivize them to explore more of your writing.

Writing the gun control essay introduction and the conclusions should be left until the entire outline and write-up for the body sections are generated.

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