Step-By-Step Guide on How to Write Argumentative Essay


An argumentative essay is one of the exciting school assignments you can look forward to. You are yet to taste the good side of tasks if you have not been assigned one of them.

It is not that common, but it can be issued at least once or twice in a calendar year. If you are lucky to be given one, it is one of those you will love.

There are different ways your lecturer may choose to develop this assignment. However, the fundamental attributes of this dissertation remain the same.

You will be required to:

  • Identify a topic that triggers disagreements
  • Pick a preferable side
  • Research evidence to support it

However, as you will notice through this article, an argumentative paper is not just an article. It requires you to adhere to a particular structure and formatting guidelines.

Therefore, let’s take a step-by-step look into how to write a good argumentative essay.

Description of an Argumentative Essay

One of the all-time secret to writing a great academic essay is first understanding its nature. Logically, you cannot fulfill the requirements of a given essay if you can’t even define it. When writing an academic essay, the structure and formatting may change based on its nature.

For example, the rules of writing an argumentative essay are not similar to that of a term paper.

So, what is an argumentative essay?

The simple definition would be that it is a form of essay that requires you to express your viewpoint on a given matter. Unlike in other papers, this one requires you to indicate this point of view right from the beginning. After that, you have to persuade essay readers to buy into your way of thinking.

It is also defined as a research essay that adopts a controversial position and presents evidence to support that position. Based on this definition, it is evident that such writing thrives on controversy. There is your first hint on how to approach argumentative forms of writing. Ensure that the topic is contentious.

The Difference Between a Descriptive and Argumentative Essay

Another tip is knowing how writing argumentative essays differs from other forms of essays. In this article, let’s examine how it varies with a descriptive essay.

The main aim of argumentative essays is to convince most readers to buy into your viewpoint. Therefore, your most significant task is supplying them with the right evidence while logically defending your stance. Your focus should remain on the side of the debate you take.

A descriptive essay is about an author telling a story without proving anything to the audience. The essay mainly examines your creativity. You are expected to describe an object, individual or place in a manner that creates a mental image on the reader. Your message to the audience should be read from the descriptions you provide.

Area of Focus When Writing an Argumentative Essay?

Based on what we know so far, we can now shift focus to writing an argumentative essay. We now head to where the marks to this essay lie.

What elements do the examiners look for when awarding marks in this essay?

What goals should you hope to accomplish as you write this essay?

The following are the issues that make a difference in the grading of your argumentative paper.

The Argumentative Topic

You will always find students looking for tips on how to start an argumentative essay. Always begin by determining an appropriate topic for your essay. Read the instructions, research and come up with a topic that meets those requirements. The topic you choose will influence the content you write throughout the essay.

Reading the essay instructions is crucial because the topic may be provided for you. In case it is not provided, remember the important rule of choosing an argumentative paper topic. It should be one that is controversial. Also, try to find one that is based on current events.

Thesis Statement

You cannot score maximum points in a paper if it lacks a thesis statement. It is one of the fundamental requirements for this form of essay.

A thesis statement is used to communicate your argumentative point of view. The stand you take will determine the points you raise in the body.

The topic for your argumentative paper may be controversial, but your thesis statement shouldn’t. Therefore, take your time before deciding the stand you will take in your essay. Engage in broader research of the issues presented by the topic you have selected.

Logical Flow of the Essay

Quite often, students ignore the basic rules of writing an academic essay. You will be surprised at how many students fail the argumentative paper for not following simple instructions. The straightforward nature of this paper makes them ignore some of the essential rules of writing.

Among the rules students ignore is that of ensuring a logical flow of ideas.

Does your essay seamlessly transition from the introduction, body to its conclusion?

Also, have you integrated the ideas you have written in your essay?

Evidential Reinforcement of Your Arguments

As noted, an argumentative essay is not descriptive in nature. It is the kind that demands you convince your audience to buy into your ideas about a given subject. Therefore, the examiner will be checking for the evidence you provide for your argumentative ideas.

What kind of evidence should you provide when writing an argumentative paper?

It would be best if you provided logical, factual and statistical evidence. Statistical evidence is where you provide genuine figures from reputable research resources. The rule of providing this evidence is that it should be:

  • Accurate
  • Comprehensive
  • And well-cited

How Do You Structure Your Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay format is equally important in contributing to the point you garner. The outline you develop for this essay will also prove beneficial to you. It enables you to organize the thoughts you present in your argumentative writing.

Therefore, ensure your argumentative paper has the following important sections.


Before you begin writing argumentative essays, ensure that you have settled on your thesis statement. Based on the research you have done, you should effectively make up your mind on which stance you will be taking.

Therefore, the topic you select and the thesis statement should effectively shape your introduction. Moreover, the topic influences the kind of background information you provide in this section.

Body Paragraphs

A professional argumentative essay format will require you to include a minimum of 3 body paragraphs. Each of these paragraphs should be independent but interlinked to the others. Independent in the sense that it has its topic sentence. Interlinked in the sense that they logically connect the arguments you present in this essay.

The rule is that your topic sentence should be a supporting argument to your thesis statement. From there, you should provide sufficient corroborative proof to reinforce your views. Make sure that you leave the reader totally convinced of the ideas you are trying to raise.

Finally, ensure the last paragraph is a counter-argument to the idea you have been defending. However, you should also include a critique of the opposing argument you have written.


In this section, the first thing you do is remind the readers of the primary idea you have been discussing. It is good to notify the readers that you are ending the essay. Therefore, a summary of your essay ideas would also be for this section.

Since it is an argumentative paper, there is a special requirement for writing the conclusion. You are required to highlight the counter argument you have included.

Food for Thought Before Completing Your Argumentative Essay

Before you get all excited about completing your argumentative paper, consider performing some final checks. Think of them as the things you look for when proofreading your essay. It would be unfair to write such a great paper and miss the top mark for small errors.

The necessary checks to perform include:

  • Have you included all the structural parts?
  • Have you presented all your arguments in a separate paragraph?
  • Have you followed the formatting guidelines provided in the instructions?
  • Does your essay pass the necessary grammar checks?
  • Did you achieve the word count required for this essay?

Pointers from Our Professional Argumentative Essay Writers

Up to this point, we have discussed the crucial guidelines for writing an argumentative essay. However, maybe all you need was a summarized reminder of what this essay entails. It could be you are after the quick pointers on the dos and don’ts of writing an argumentative paper.

Here are the tips that our professional writers often use when writing such an essay.

  • There is no harm in brainstorming a suitable topic for your essay
  • Once you have settled on a topic, conduct sufficient research before you begin writing on it
  • Argumentative writing should always have a thesis statement
  • Remember to include a counter-argument to your primary stance
  • Ensure the evidence you provide is compelling
  • Make your conclusion as equally compelling

Order Your Argumentative Essay Here!

Based on the argumentative essay guide we have provided, you can quickly get started now. The tips we have you are enough to get you going and score maximum points in this paper. However, that is not to mean that we are done being of assistance to you.

You can still rely on us if you want us to help you in writing the essay. You can make use of our services by filling out the order form on our website.

Call us now for any clarifications you may want on this guide or our writing services!

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