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This Review Makes Academic Writing a Breeze

Whether you are working on a dissertation, thesis, essay, research paper, book report, term paper or general coursework writing, you need to put in an ample amount of time and effort. From research, drafting outlines, the actual writing, editing, proofreading, referencing and copy-checking, a good amount of time and resources have to be dedicated to any successful paper.

Due to a lack of time or energy and talent, students are forced to seek out the assistance of writing agencies. CollegeHelp is one such agency that provides brilliant services to students all over the world.

With several key points that set it apart from other writing agencies online, this review will show you why they are a great service for all your writing needs. We’ll also provide CollegeHelp testimonials from customers who have used the service since its inception to shed a bit more light on the quality of service. Our writing help reviews aim to help you make the best selection when it comes to settling for a writing service.

Real Reviews from Real Students

Students post a great CollegeHelp review based on several factors, among them, speed, reliable writer support, confidentiality and other small pieces that fit the bigger puzzle. These reviews on CollegeHelp compare the service to multiple other agencies which provide academic writing services. The writing help review is based on the following parameters:

  • Speed: CollegeHelp reviews on their speed are always positive, with 95% of all orders completed ahead of time. Writing help review CollegeHelp state that speed is a key factor that has made thousands of students prefer CollegeHelp to other writing agencies.
  • Quality: Any CollegeHelp review on quality of the papers always aggregates to amazing. Writers are highly trained, with each having at least a bachelor’s degree and some having doctorates. CollegeHelp reviews also attest to the originality showed on each paper, with a strict policy on non-plagiarism.
  • Legitimacy: Is legit? This is a question any customer who needs writing services would ask. The number of clients and professionals using the service and their over 300 writers put any doubts to rest. If you’re wondering about CollegeHelp legit, just read the testimonials on their page and see what customers had to say. That and the fact that you’ve never heard of a CollegeHelp scam.
  • Writer selection: if you’re wondering how to work for CollegeHelp, you should be willing to pass a rigorous selection process that tests your academic and practical skills, grammar and writing and comprehension ability. Writers need to be swift to cope with tough deadline demands. If you want to work with CollegeHelp, you should also have good grasp of different citation techniques.
  • Privacy: You’ll never hear CollegeHelp complaints about confidentiality breaches. Data is heavily encrypted and secured, and user have multi-level authentication into their accounts. Payment is also through secure platforms like MasterCard, Visa and PayPal.
  • Refunds: CollegeHelp charge back is guaranteed if for any reason the customer isn’t satisfied with a paper or an order isn’t completed on time.
  • Customer service: CollegeHelp feedback on the customer experience is always positive. Very few complaints are ever recorded and even these are handled within a day at most. Their QAD team is extremely efficient and very amiable. CollegeHelp customer reviews are always promptly responded to and one can find help through their message dashboard.
  • Website Quality: Any review on attests to their powerful and interactive design which is pleasant to the eye and easy on the PC.
  • Freebies: Customers posting writing help reviews CollegeHelp are always happy with the discounts and other rewards that they receive once they make purchases.

“I asked myself severally is CollegeHelp legit? I got my answer when I got a perfect dissertation proposal from them in only two days”


“I wasn’t sure about them but the reviews on helped change my mind”


“I co-sign any review on CollegeHelp that supports their speed and quality. Great service”


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