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The profession of Ghostwriting

What does ghostwriting mean?

A ghostwriter is generally a person with the job to write materials like books, articles, scripts, screenplays, speeches for some other individual who happens to be the named author of that particular work. Many celebrities, composers, executives hire ghost writers to edit or draft magazine articles,autobiographies, memoirs or any other kind of written material. Although a confidentiality clause exists as a part of the contract between the writer and the named author for the writer to remain anonymous. Well sometimes these writers are acknowledged for their works by the publisher or author but often they are not credited.

Role and job of a ghostwriter

They involve in varying degrees at the production of any work. Some are hired to do the writing work according to the written draft provided to them by the credited author, while some edit the incomplete work or clean up the rough draft. While handling any projects in hand, these writers follow their work with extensive research such as , while writing an autobiography the writer often does a lot of background check and interviews of the author and important figures and events connected to his/her life. Often a ghostwriter handles most of the writing work using ideas and concepts from the credited author for which he may be paid either per each word,page or total word count. Well, although many writers are also offered a percentage from the sales of the work for their efforts.

How to become a ghostwriter?

  1. List out your areas of expertise, decide on what captures your interest the most.
  2. Most of the ghostwriters are not any great writers but people who have some good writing skills and also they know how they can effectively structure a book.
  3. In case of writing autobiographies, the writer must have to do a lot of interviewing, so he must be able to ask the right questions.
  4. Ghost writing also involves a lot of researching so he must be able to follow up a lot of detail and involve himself within the work effectively.
  5. Though he may be the writing the work, but he should always give preference to the ideas, tastes and opinions of the author. He should be able to advice but not decide what has to be done.
  6. As the writer remains anonymous according to the contract between the writer and author, he should address all the legal conflicts and policies in the agreement.
Well before becoming a ghostwriter a person should keep in mind that:
  1. It is not some entry-level writing job.
  2. Networking is the key.
  3. Based upon your level of experience,price yourself.
  4. Client pays you to get his work done in his own way, he may look forward to your suggestions but not decisions.

For those with good writing skills and story telling abilities, ghostwriting is indeed a great choice but as they may not get credited for their works,they should write for the love of the work but not for the fame and fortune offered.

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