100+ Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics


With persuasive speech topics, drafting an excellent speech is not difficult. Note that the quality of your piece relies on the speech topics you choose. The challenge lies in capturing your reader’s interest.

And we have good news for you! As a reputable company, we have identified some topics for you. We cover 100 persuasive topics to select from. Read below!

More Insight About a Persuasive Speech

Before we go deep into the persuasive speech topics, answer this question: do you know what speech drafting is all about?

To earn top scores, it is always vital to define your task. Know the requirements of your assignment. This way, composing a paper piece will be easy.

For this case, a persuasive speech is designed to influence, inspire, enlighten, educate, and persuade listeners to consider a particular move. It is a way of transferring your stance to the listeners and making them consider your opinion.

The goal is to convince the listener to take your position.

To understand the essence of a persuasive piece, look at a salesman pitch. They have the skills to persuade you to buy their products. That is what you are required to have when writing your speech.

So, finding the right persuasive topics is essential. You need to create your content around the speech topics you understand clearly.

Tips on Writing a Persuasive Speech

An excellent speech requires honed skills, and it is not all about finding good persuasive speech topics. That is just the initial step.

You also have to consider other aspects to make your speech impressive. Follow this outline to compose your persuasive piece:

  • Establish your thesis
  • Compose a persuasive introduction
  • Implement essential ideas
  • Provide facts and illustrations to back your thesis
  • Include sentimental links with your readers
  • Highlight and address counterarguments
  • Make a resounding conclusion

After you have composed your speech, the next step is to practice. The drafting process is simple, with appropriate persuasive topics to consider.

Read on for more persuasive themes from different fields!

Excellent Persuasive Speech Topics to Consider

The persuasive speech topics we are providing fall into different categories. It is to ensure that you pick the right theme to compose a persuasive piece.

Persuasive topics on religion

  • The real evil is not a religion. Here is why humans are
  • How hating particular religions is destroying societies
  • Why schools must teach the basis of every religion
  • Why feminism is growing on a religious basis
  • Why religion phobia is a disaster

Persuasive themes on health

  • We can beat cancer with science
  • Science and technology are increasing health problems
  • Irregular donating of blood is good for health
  • Get 8 hours of sleep every day: here are the real reasons
  • The government should regulate the consumption of fast foods
  • This is why obesity is the major health problem in the US

Persuasive gender issues topics

  • Is feminism rising as a hazard or as awareness?
  • Is gender division creating chaos or peace?
  • Gender-specific jobs
  • Why women shouldn’t stop asking for equal rights
  • Equal rights are the way to creating a better world
  • Gender equality should be taught in school

Political and foreign policy topics

  • Why the space force is not a good idea
  • This is how China is taking over the world
  • America after Donald Trump
  • Why Hilary should have been the president
  • Globalization is an idea worth beginning

International affair persuasive topics

  • Why the US must not leave the Middle East
  • This is why the US need another Martin Luther King
  • China and the New World order
  • Why the world powers need to get world peace seriously
  • The US and Canada welcoming Syrian immigrants

Globalization persuasive topics

  • Why the United States needs to focus more on globalization
  • The currency that is going to be globalized by 2050 and why
  • Why bitcoin should be the global currency
  • China: the main hurdle in the way to globalization
  • Why the new world order is not going to work

These topics are among the good persuasive speech topics you can consider for effective speech writing. With them, you can compose your speech to capture the interest of your listeners.

Exceptional Persuasive Speech Topics for Learners

Schools and colleges organize speech competitions often. If you are looking forward to participating in them, you need to find the right persuasive topics.

We have made categories to meet your objectives at each educational level.

Persuasive topics for kids

  • “Tom and Jerry” is better than “Scooby-Doo.” Why not?
  • Reasons why recycling is useful
  • Do cartoons exist in other galaxies
  • The risks of inadequate sleeping
  • Why you should stop imitating grown-ups

Persuasive topics for teens

  • Harmful effects of smoking
  • Pets make you happy
  • Pen and paper are going to be in a museum in the next 50 years
  • Reasons why you should have a dog
  • The role of technology in the life of an American

Persuasive topics for high-school students

  • Are art subjects important?
  • Teachers should be awarded when students perform well
  • American students need to learn foreign languages
  • Reasons why English is an international language
  • How social media is affecting students
  • All high-school students should take part in sports

Persuasive topics for college learners

  • Public schools should teach basic robotics
  • We should do home education to prevent COVID-19
  • Schools should help students take part in community service
  • Why writing a research paper is a must for college students
  • Teachers should be assessed regularly
  • Internship programs should be like another college

Speech topics for university students

  • How Russia perceives American dominance in the Middle East
  • Universities should be responsible for student’s jobs
  • Online learning is the best alternative for safe education
  • The future of self-driven cars
  • Why do many drop-outs build huge businesses
  • How robots are affecting the life of a human

Select one of the topics here depending on the level of study and draft a winning speech. Practice and be ready to deliver it in your next completion.

Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics to Write a Winning Piece

Do you want more topics for persuasive speech to consider for writing? Here are more interesting ones to get you started.

Persuasive technology speech topics

  • IoT is safe and beneficial to people
  • Can AI retire human intelligence?
  • Machine learning is a massive threat to jobs
  • The future of cell phones
  • Technology is killing books
  • The escalating interference of AI in human life
  • Corporations are using technology in the wrong way
  • AI is going to take control in the next decade

Persuasive topics on sports

  • Why the Olympics should be taken to developing countries
  • How sports took the US to the top
  • Impacts of great sports heritage in a country
  • Sports is the only peaceful quest left in the world
  • Factors that drive athletes to high performance
  • Why US athletes are unbeatable

Persuasive topics on science

  • 5G should not be celebrated
  • The role of NASA in the future
  • Science is a threat to organic food
  • Extra-terrestrial life and its impact on humans
  • How are smartphones rays dangerous?
  • We can stop drastic climate change
  • Why 5G network should be banned

These topics will get you started. They cover exciting sections that have a broad audience.

Best Persuasive Speech Topics Any Learner Can Consider

Here are some more persuasive speech ideas to assist you in composing a persuasive piece. Any learner can consider these speech topics because they are wide-ranging.

They include:

  • The harms of drinking
  • Reasons to stop wondering what people think of you
  • Reasons why you should wake up late
  • America is the land for the bravest
  • People’s opinion should not influence your character
  • How to redefine yourself
  • Nobody cares about your looks: stop being cute!
  • Do not waste time: no one cares about your 300 selfies
  • Nuclear energy is the only option for the future
  • Common sense is a lottery, and not everyone wins
  • Genetically modified foods ought to be banned
  • Does the government spy on you?
  • Communism vs. capitalism
  • Reality shows have no reality
  • The government should encourage gender equality policy
  • Workplace dating: the real motivation to work smart
  • How music impacts our lives
  • Importance of mental health awareness
  • Why tattoos are seen as unprofessional
  • Should freedom of speech be banned?

You have every reason to smile because you have more than 100 topics to consider for persuasive drafting! Make your speech incredible.

Aspects to Consider When Selecting a Persuasive Speech Topic

Do you need some more persuasive speech ideas to compose your speech? Do not be in a hurry to pick a topic.

Make sure:

  • It is easy to visualize
  • It is motivating
  • It is not too common or boring
  • It relates to your audience

These ideas will ensure you give a resounding speech. With the right speech topics, you are good to go!

Consider More Help Coming up With Speech Topics From Experts

In case you need more help, do not be afraid to contact professionals. We have experts to assist you in composing a speech. They honed their writing skills to deliver what you need.

So, use our service for persuasive writing!

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